10 Things that Make an Impression

by Chuck Roper 21. September 2016 11:26

1. Being on time
2. Work ethic
3. Effort
4. Body language
5. Energy
6. Attitude
7. Passion
8. Being coachable
9. Doing extra
10. Being prepared

-Mike Adkins
 Relocation Director 


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Pool Tips For Fall

by Chuck Roper 21. September 2016 11:13

If you are listing a property with a pool now, photograph the pool while the weather cooperates, even if the home’s interior is not yet ready for shooting.  Suggest that the sellers direct their pool company to perform a brief maintenance check, making suggested repairs and delineating ongoing maintenance in writing, when the pool is closed in autumn.  Most buyers will contact the pool service company listed in the disclosure for information on the pool, so a written report will insure that all parties are literally ‘on the same page’ when the winter winds begin to blow! 

-Cathy Noll
 Vice President/Broker


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The Importance Of A Boundary and Improvement Survey

by Chuck Roper 20. September 2016 05:30

Encourage your buyers to purchase a Boundary and Improvement (Stake) Survey. The survey locates all boundaries, improvements, easements, encroachments, and building lines, if applicable.  The information content of the stake survey is invaluable to identify defects and without an accurate survey, title companies will not give full survey coverage.

-Mary Beth Gold
 Closing Manager 


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The Best Values Are Right In Front Of Us

by Chuck Roper 19. September 2016 06:22


In recent weeks, I’ve observed a flurry of price reductions and I believe we are seeing great values for the savvy buyer.   The end of summer often brings about price correction (and sometimes underpricing).  Perhaps sellers don’t want to face the winter with the thought of an unsold property.  Now is the time for buyers to capitalize on this value pricing.  Too often, buyers focus only on new listings to the exclusion of older inventory.  I believe there are great deals to be made with older listings which are now priced at incredible values. 

Janet Horlacher
Janet McAfee Real Estate 

Agent Interview with Emily Oliver

by Chuck Roper 11. July 2016 10:18

While Emily Oliver has only been a Janet McAfee associate for one year, she brings a wealth of experience from her previous positions in human resources and finance. We caught up with the St. Louis native to discuss her lifelong passion for real estate and her experiences at Janet McAfee.

How did you become interested in Real Estate?

“I’ve been interested in real estate for a long time; it started off as hobby through several of my own real estate transactions. My grandfather was actually a broker and represented me on many of these, always being very patient in answering my many questions. I was very impressed by his professionalism, assertiveness and his outstanding attention to detail.  This resonated with me from the very beginning.  He always put me first, he didn’t miss a beat and I was able to trust him completely. I knew that this was what I would want my clients to feel if I ever decided to pursue this as a career.

About a year and a half ago, I reevaluated some of my personal long term goals that had been on the back burner for some time. This process led me to resign from my position at my family business and take the leap of faith that I knew was necessary for me to achieve these goals.”

What was the family business?

“My father owned a large car dealership with over forty employees. I handled all HR needs as well as bookkeeping for eight years.”

Do you think that managing such a large group has given you an insight into the working of an agency?

“Yes. Being able to manage several responsibilities, learning how to prioritize and being self-motivated have made my transition into real estate very smooth.”

Has there been a moment at Janet McAfee that made you feel that you were born to do this?

“It is one thing to enjoy what you do but it is another to hear that your clients are happy with the service you provide. Each time I hear that my clients are pleased or just hearing a simple thank you, I know that I am on the right path. Recently, I had a referral to a sibling of a past client and I was really moved. Having a client refer me to someone that they care about tells me that I am serving people well and that is my objective.”

 Being part of a family is very important to you. Are you drawn to clients who seek similar intimacy?

“Being a mother, I’m drawn to clients with the same sentiments. I know that a house doesn’t make a home, however finding a place where they can grow as a family is fulfilling. A house is the primary place that life happens and memories are made. It has a lot of importance.”

Is there a particular St. Louis community that you love?

“I live in Webster Groves. It is a very tight-knit community, filled with people walking with their kids and dogs, neighbors whom actually know and help each other. It is a special place.

Although, I must say that we are fortunate in St. Louis to have so many wonderful communities to choose from.”

Visiting other communities, what draws you to other communities and St. Louis and what do you think that they have to offer?

“I’ve experienced many parts of St. Louis, I’ve lived in the city as well. Each community is unique in so many ways but you can see the similarities of St. Louis as a whole. Beautiful parks, sporting events, The St. Louis Zoo just to name a few.”

Why do you think that someone should choose Janet McAfee? Representing McAfee, do you feel that you’re representing the family as a whole?


“Yes, absolutely. I liken it to a tree, a backbone or a foundation. Having multiple people to support you and to bounce ideas off of is very helpful. Sometimes you just need to gain a fresh perspective.”

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The Largest Independent Luxury Firm in St. Louis

by Chuck Roper 23. May 2016 09:40

On Friday, May 20, 2016, the St. Louis Business Journal published their annual listing of top brokerages in the St. Louis area.  We are pleased to report we were ranked 10th among all firms and remain the largest independent luxury real estate firm in the market with one of the highest average prices.  A copy of the St. Louis Business Journal list is provided.


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Janet McAfee Real Estate: A Ladue News Feature

by Chuck Roper 4. May 2016 05:29

In an April 22, 2016 cover story, the Ladue News talked to Janet Horlacher, Principal of Janet McAfee Real Estate, on the fundamental reasons behind her firm's record setting 2015 and why the firm remains a recognized local leader.

Rooted In Family

By Robyn Dexter
Photos by Sarah Conard

St. Louisans pride themselves on being born and raised here, and that couldn’t be truer for a company like Janet McAfee Real Estate. Principal Janet Horlacher has been with the company since 1995, and her mother was the founder of the luxury real estate brand.
“What defines us is that we’re a local St. Louis company, and we’re independent, "Horlacher says. “Our clients are multi-generational. The relationships we build aren’t just a fast house sale.”

At Janet McAfee, showcasing St. Louis and what the staff loves about the city is very important. Their website is rich in local content, including videos about various St. Louis communities.  “If you’re from out of town and find out you’ve been transferred to St. Louis, before you find a house, you’re going to need to decide where you want to live,” Horlacher says. “A picture doesn’t tell a whole story.”

Though the company is independent and local, Janet McAfee is affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Because of that, the company is able to have a global reach.  “We are so grateful for that,” Horlacher says. “We were invited to be a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which takes the largest independent companies in each market. That has been a tremendous asset for us because it gives us global connections and has grown our relocation business exponentially.”

Horlacher notes that since the company is so St. Louis-oriented, it’s important for Janet McAfee’s agents to give back to the community they live in, work in and love. “The definition of ‘Realtor’ is synonymous with service to the community,” she says. “We do a company United Way campaign, and all of our agents have different charities they work on.”

Because Janet McAfee is local and independent, the office has a real team environment, Horlacher says.  “It’s corny, but we are like an extended family, and some of us actually are family,” she says. “Our jobs can be very difficult. It’s very important to have a good environment where you have a support network and the camaraderie.”

Last year was Janet McAfee’s best ever, but Horlacher notes that “you can’t rest on yesterday.”  “We’re charging ahead in 2016,” she say

Pictured left are members of the Janet McAfee Real estate Marketing team:
Christine Marino,Laura  Goltermann, Janet Horlacher, and Charles (Chuck) Roper.


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Janet Horlacher: Our Outlook For Spring 2016

by Chuck Roper 1. March 2016 05:21

Janet Horlacher


Our Outlook for Spring

“Spring Forward!”  We are optimistic and excited about this year’s Spring Market in St. Louis.  Early signs are positive for all market indicators.

“A Strong Tailwind.”  2015 recorded double digit sales gains and solid price appreciation across many of our geographies and housing segments.  Janet McAfee enjoyed a record year!  A strong 2015 finish is spilling over into 2016 as our pipeline of qualified buyers are eager to make offers.

“Low Inventory.”  The National Association of Realtors announced 40 consecutive months of inventory under 6 months, creating a shortage of available listings to meet buyer demand.  In St. Louis, our inventory is even lower!  To take advantage of this condition, we are currently working with many sellers to get their homes “market ready” for spring selling.

“Home Price Recovery.”  In most segments, median sales prices have recovered to pre-bust levels.  This is allowing sellers to finally move forward with their long delayed moving plans.

“Affordability.  St. Louis was recently named one of the most affordable housing markets in the country!  We know that home ownership among the largest segment of the population (which is now Millennials) is strongly correlated with affordable markets.  This fact bodes well for our St. Louis metropolitan area. 

“Low Mortgage Rates.”  Mortgage rates were 3 basis points lower the beginning of this year.  That translates to about 5% more buying power. 

“Strong Buyer Demand.” Traffic to all real estate websites has increased significantly.  REALTOR.COM reported January was the busiest month ever, and over 2/3 of Millennials are looking on-line for real estate.

Simply click on the home page icon "Market Report" to see our 2015 Annual Housing Report.



Mac Scott, Linda Robben, and Julie Novak Join Janet McAfee Real Estate

by Chuck Roper 4. November 2015 10:36

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI (November 4, 2015) – Mac Scott, Linda Robben, and Julie Novak have joined Janet McAfee Real Estate as Sales Associates.

Mac Scott
Clayton resident Mac Scott is excited to make the transition from local government to a career with Janet McAfee Real Estate.  A longtime resident of St. Louis County, Mac will apply his extensive knowledge of the region to his new career in real estate.  His impressive professional resume includes 21 years as Director of Communications for St. Louis County.

For more information, visit his website at www.janetmcafee.com/macscott.

Linda Robben
Wildwood resident Linda Robben brings her growing real estate practice to Janet McAfee Real Estate.  We have confidence she will leverage our collective resources to offer the finest professional representation to her distinguished clients.   Linda has demonstrated great insight and empathy to her client’s needs.  Whether buyer or seller, she understands the emotional roller coaster clients experience in looking for a new home or selling their existing home.  She was formerly affiliated with Gladys Manion Real Estate.

For more information, visit her website at www.janetmcafee.com/lindarobben.

Julie Novak
Licensed since 2011, Chesterfield resident Julie Novak is an accomplished real estate agent who brings her impressive skills to luxury leader Janet McAfee Real Estate.  Julie’s passion for real estate is based on an inherent understanding of what motivates her clients.  Her residential sales experience includes single family homes and condominiums.  She works with both buyers and sellers.  Julie was formerly affiliated with Keller-Williams Real Estate.

For more information, visit her website at www.janetmcafee.com/julienovak.


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Top Agent Julie Lane on Training

by Chuck Roper 4. November 2015 05:55


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