by Chuck Roper 26. April 2017 05:28

Smart, cost effective updates and improvements will generate more buyer interest and offer a great return.  Today’s buyers do not want a long list of projects to complete before they move in.  These smart improvements are well worth the investment.

  1. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way.  We recommend touch-up painting or if needed, complete interior painting to neutralize your walls.  A fresh coat on trim and baseboards is well worth the expense. 


  1. Knobs and pulls.  Replacing cabinetry is an expensive undertaking.  If your cabinets are in good condition, just out of style, try giving them a fresh new look by replacing the knobs and pulls.


  1. Remove Old Carpeting. The days of a “carpet allowance” are long gone.  Instead, eliminate negative buyer reactions in the first place.  If you have wood flooring underneath old carpeting, remove and show the wood floors.  If not, replace the outdated carpeting with a neutral color.  You can find a less expensive natural looking wool sisal or sea grass, which appeals to a broad audience.


  1. Replace Rotting Windows, soffit or fascia board.  If painting and minor repair work just doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to go ahead and replace it. This is an area where you and your agent’s judgement is required.


  1. Landscaping enhances the “Drive By.”  Replacing unsightly trees, planting evergreens for privacy or to screen an eyesore, replacing scraggly hews with tidy boxwood and lining the driving with appealing perennials will generate a positive first impression. Don’t ignore the landscaping; it almost always generates a positive return.


  1. When in doubt, prioritize kitchens and baths.  Buyers are wowed by great kitchens and baths.  These areas are more likely to generate a positive return on investment.
Janet Horlacher
Principal, Janet McAfee Inc.


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