Successful Agents in Real Estate: Signs the Housing Market is Improving

by Chuck Roper 13. September 2012 11:08

We all know that it is a great time to buy a new home – prices are competitive, mortgage rates are at all-time lows and the buyer has a decided advantage.  What may be news to the general public is that the housing market is seeing daily improvements.  The top-performing agents of Janet McAfee Real Estate have given their perspective on why they are seeing a change in direction and explain what this means for buyers and sellers in the future.


Twofold Competition – Our real estate professionals are seeing a trend in home buying – a movement that sees many homes with few buyers to having fewer homes with more buyers.  Thus, as our agent Julie Lane explains, “Many buyers found themselves in competition.”  Agent Ann Carter stresses that “multiple offers are being received…especially [in] Ladue and Clayton.”  Professional Katie Curran also notes that there haven’t been multiple offer situations like this in over three years.

Increasing Prices – As real estate agents, we loved the low home prices for those looking for a new home, but we hated to see the poor housing market taking a toll on those who were selling.  But there is great news for sellers! According to Kathleen Lovett and Laura Donovan, “Sales prices are increasing, which optimistically tells us we are in the midst of a rebounding market.”  Susan Holden explains that “First time buyers are active and taking advantage of the still great interest rates. When they buy, that allows more move-up buying from the sellers of the starter homes. The domino effect is then positive for the homes in the higher price ranges also. “ 

Enhanced Activity – Thanks to an improvement in the housing market, our agents have been busy.  Marianne Galt states that she “had an active May and June with many more showings and sales.”  Margaret Wright exclaims, “Houses are selling quickly! My most recent listing sold in only four days.”  With more traffic, buyers and sellers can expect quicker listing periods and greater peace of mind.

Things are looking up for sellers in the current housing market – and our successful agents couldn’t be more excited for them!  We would like to thank our top-performing women professionals for breaking down the current trends in housing and why we are on the fast track to a rebounding market.  If you are interested in buying or listing your home, contact the professionals at Janet McAfee Real Estate today.


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