St. Louis Luxury Real Estate Trends: Home Offices

by Chuck Roper 10. January 2013 03:53

More and more employees, freelancers and business owners are skipping the congested St. Louis morning commute and working remotely from home. Are you one of the 13.4 million Americans who are currently plugging into the office from home?  Make sure that you continue the productivity you achieved in the workplace by giving yourself a dedicate work space at home. Janet McAfee Real Estate has some helpful pointers to keep the work flowing in your home office.



·         Define a workplace – You don’t necessarily need a separated room with a door to constitute as an office, but you shouldn’t set up shop in front of the television – or anything else that will distract you from your work.
·         Stay organized – A cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind! Although you are working from home, it is important to maintain the same orderliness as you would in the office. Here are some desk accessories to keep your office stylish and tidy.
·         Make it comfortable – Working from home has obvious benefits: no commute, you get to set your own hours, privacy, etc. Don’t forget that you can also personalize your workspace to best reflect your style. It’s a lot easier to sit down in an office that you enjoy to be in rather than staring at four blank walls. Need a little office inspiration? Check out these tips to help put the home in home office.

If your company is seeing continued growth, don’t be surprised if you are given the opportunity to work from your home in the future – prepare your workstation now! Do you have a dedicated home office space? Visit Janet McAfee Real Estate’s Facebook and Twitter to share your pictures! For more St. Louis real estate tips, remember to regularly check back for additional blog posts!


My McAfee Activity Reporting

by Chuck Roper 13. November 2012 07:37

A turbulent housing market makes it increasingly difficult to gain an advantage when it comes to selling your home. The housing market is currently flooded with home listings, but the demand doesn’t meet the supply. So how do you place your home listing more prominently in your area? Having access to an experienced Janet McAfee realtor may lend the upper hand you have been looking for.

Create a more straightforward home selling process with the new My McAfee Activity tool. This new tool from Janet McAfee Real Estate gives you and your agent the ability to monitor and evaluate interest in your home and view the comparable homes for sale in your area. Once the report is activated, they are automatically emailed to the agent and seller.

My McAfee Activity Report (Listing Activity) is the report both agents and sellers will receive that breaks down the overall activity of your property. We evaluate and report on four different areas over a period of seven days, 30 days, and eight weeks:

  • Property Results Report – Displays the number of times your property appeared in a search result on the website.
  • Property Detail Report – Displays the number of times your property details page has been viewed on the website.
  • Property Map Detail Report – Displays the number of times your property was requested on a map on the website.
  • Agent Listings Report – Displays the number of times your property has been viewed from the agent profile page.

    My McAfee Activity Report (Competitive Listing) is a great way to evaluate exactly where your property stands in the local housing market. This is an excellent resource for sellers and agents to form realistic goals and prices when listing a home. A seller’s property is compared to similar homes for sale in the area based on following criteria:
  • Price changes
  • Most recent listings
  • Closest properties


Working together with a Janet McAfee agent and using valuable resources like the My McAfee Activity Reporting tool can open new doors – literally! – throughout the process of selling your home. Need help finding the right agent to sell your home?

Contact Janet McAfee today and we can help match you with an agent that best suits your needs! 





Painting Your Home? Consider These Four Color Tips!

by Chuck Roper 4. October 2012 12:05

If you are looking for a quick face-lift throughout your home, consider giving your walls a new coat of paint.  Whether you prefer rich, bold colors or warm neutral tones, fresh paint can bring any average space to life.  Janet McAfee Real Estate has a few tips to think about before going wild with the paint brush.


Coordinate – Do you have a large, upholstered chair, an Oriental rug, or an ornate duvet cover in the space you would like to update?  Pull your color scheme inspiration from these pieces.

Personal Style – People often say that you should consider your own style when decorating your home.  Can’t decide if that fire engine red is a good choice?  Is it a color you would actually wear?  If not, it may be more appropriate for an accent color.

Design Vertically – Traditionally, you can make your space look larger by decorating with lighter colors near the ceiling and darker colors on the floor.  Be sure to choose a lighter colored valance and crown molding while opting for darker floors and rugs.

Use the Color Wheel – Colors nearest each other in the color wheel are the most complementary.  If it is color you are seeking, keep things light in the kitchen with yellows and oranges and cool and calming in the bedroom with blues, greens, and purples.

Remember that when it comes to decorating your home, your personal preferences trump any interior design “rule.” However, if you are selling your home, it may need additional preparation for open houses.  Contact the real estate professionals at Janet McAfee for more information about getting your property in the best condition possible for sale.

Selling Your St. Louis Home: Marketing 101

by Chuck Roper 21. September 2012 05:40


When you purchased your home, what drew you to the property?  Did your realtor provide you listings or did you have a specific neighborhood in mind?  Chances are you saw the home online or even in a display ad in a local magazine, like the Ladue News.  We don’t even realize how often we come in contact with marketing – it’s an everyday occurrence.  With Janet McAfee Real Estate, our reach gives you a true advantage.


Digital Marketing – Our clients are instantly linked with some of the most influential people in the world through our digital marketing campaigns.  All listings are displayed on multiple websites including: National Association of Realtor's; relocation network; St. Louis Post-Dispatch's; HGTV's; as well as the other websites provided by Google, Yahoo, Trulia and Zillow.  Luxury listings are also displayed on Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate's; Leading Real Estate Companies of the World's; and the The Wall Street Journal's


  • Print Marketing – We use print marketing to actively promote our properties and drive interested readers to our website for more information. Print campaigns, including classified and display ads, are often featured in the Ladue News, The West End Word, The Webster-Kirkwood Times, and Ladue News’ Elegant Living magazine.
  • Direct Marketing – Direct marketing allows us to select specific audiences and tailor messages to promote your home and announce promotional events. Direct marketing campaigns may include both mail and digital communications. Beautiful high-gloss postcards feature attractive layouts, high-resolution photography and descriptive copy. Email campaigns with imbedded photography are directed to area realtors to announce new listings, promote open houses and update listing prices.
  • Global Relocation Network – We are a member of the largest and most respected relocation affiliation in the world, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. With 5,000+ members and annual sales over $400 billion, our affiliates sell more homes annually than any other residential real estate organization.


If you are selling your home, remember that Janet McAfee Real Estate is an expert in making your home stand out in a cluttered market place.  Contact our professionals today for more information on getting your home ready to sell!


Relocating to St. Louis? Let Us Help!

by Chuck Roper 6. September 2012 10:07

As the largest independently owned luxury real estate company in St. Louis, Janet McAfee Real Estate feels it is our job to help make every move as smooth as possible for both our buyers and our sellers.  For the buyers, this means helping find the right house, in the right neighborhood, with the best schools.  For sellers, we focus on marketing their property to the right target audience – maximizing the home’s character and appeal.


Relocation can be both exciting and challenging.  We understand how to make that transition easier – and ultimately more successful.  Our clients directly benefit from a reputable, established network of contacts and our firm’s deep-rooted community presence.

As a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, Janet McAfee is qualified to offer exceptional relocation services, above and beyond others in the field.  As a departing transferee with a home to sell, the client services you will receive include professional representation from a dedicated agent, administrative oversight from the Director of Relocation Services, multi-channel marketing, and exposure for your home through online outlets such as,, HGTV’s,,, Google.comand   Luxury homes over a million dollars will also be featured on the top luxury real estate sites across the company including, and the (The Wall Street Journal).

For incoming transferees, we go so far as to give personalized neighborhood tours, arrange preferred hospitality and transportation and even help coordinate employment contacts, community resources and school connections.

Our agents want to hear from you about the characteristics of a home and neighborhood that you desire.  We are ready to help you transition to a new life in the great city of St. Louis.  Contact us so we can assist you on your road to find your St. Louis dream home or for a referral to our network affiliate in the market you are relocating to.


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