Negotiating Your Client's Interests

by Chuck Roper 18. October 2016 06:16

I attended a training class on the topic of negotiation. I heard a wonderful story which demonstrates why we as agents should look for common interests (not just our client’s position) when negotiating contracts and building inspections.  Here’s the story:

“A mother walked into her kitchen to find her 2 children screaming and fighting over the last orange.  Exasperated, she grabbed the orange, sliced it in half and gave each child half the orange.  Immediately upon doing so, the children began crying and screaming even louder.  Bewildered by this, she asked her children what’s the matter now?  The first child said she needed the pulp of one orange to complete her science project.  The second child explained he needed the juice of one orange for his brownie recipe.”

The mother had only understood each child’s position – “I want the orange.”  Had the mother understood each child’s interest in obtaining the orange, each child would get what each child needed.  If we look deeper than just our client’s position and figure out their interest in wanting something, we may find a “win-win” solution.

-Janet Horlacher
 Janet McAfee Real Estate 

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