Post-Holiday Cleanup: Taking Down Your Decorations Safely

by Chuck Roper 27. December 2012 09:04

Decorating around the holidays is a lot like packing for a trip – we take extra precautions when packing each item into our bags, but when it is time to head home, we blindly shove everything into our luggage, crossing our fingers it all fits. It is all too easy to treat packing up your holiday décor in a similar fashion. So much time is spent getting each and every decoration perfectly positioned – Janet McAfee Real Estate wants to make sure you are spending a little extra time to safely pack up your holiday trimmings.

  • Lights – Getting your home in tip-top shape for the holidays can be tricky – especially if you are scaling the roof to add Christmas lights.  Ladder safety is something we often overlook as we pack away the lights as you remove them. Be sure you have a “spotter” that can keep an eye and collect the lights you remove.
  • Tree removal – Nothing says Christmas quite like a real tree. Unfortunately, these saplings are also a big fire safety hazard. When disposing of your tree, make sure it is away from the street – trees also become a big traffic liability during the holiday season.
  • Broken decorations – If you can make it through a holiday season without having a broken ornament, light, etc., we commend you. For everyone else, it is important to properly dispose of broken items. This time next year, it is likely we won’t remember an item is damaged. If we save it, we risk injury the next time we unpack our decorations.



Whether you are packing up your holiday décor the day after Christmas or a month after, make sure you are doing so safely. Make sure to check back with Janet McAfee Real Estate for more tips on home decoration and other St. Louis real estate topics!

Three Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Holidays

by Chuck Roper 29. November 2012 03:56

There is no greater time of year than the holidays – seeing friends and family, upholding tradition and of course, all of these beautiful decorations are just a few of the reasons this is the most wonderful time of the year. If you are expecting visitors over the next few weeks, you will probably be decking out your home in preparation. Make the season of giving a little less stressful by applying a few of those helpful holiday decorating tips Janet McAfee Real Estate has put together for you. 

  1. Holiday wreaths – Nothing is more welcoming than knocking on a door adorned with a stunning wreath. You can purchase a premade wreath from any local retailer, or turn this into a DIY project. We suggest visiting your local craft store for some inspiration.
  2. Christmas garland — Whether you opt for a popcorn garland project with the kids or you go all-out with an evergreen variety, holiday garland is a staple in any home. Hang it from your mantle or on your staircase!  Take a look at Martha Stewart’s website for great ideas.
  3. Christmas lights – Decking out your home in lights is not just for you – it is for all of the families that drive around in December admiring the holiday cheer. Lights are not just meant to decorate the roof anymore. Consider thinking outside the box with glowing gift boxes, lighted trees and fences, hanging ornaments and a lighted driveway as alternatives.

Will you be looking to buy or sell a home in St. Louis this holiday season?  Let the experienced agents at Janet McAfee Real Estate help. Contact us for more information in getting started on your journey to a new home. 


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